Musical Direction by Nate Buccieri; Directed by Lennie Watts


Metropolitan Room

Reviews for intro

“The small “i” in the title of her show, “intro,” is the only thing lower-case about Carole J. Bufford. When she is on stage, SHE IS ON STAGE! She can deliver a song with more force and drive than a speeding locomotive, and she enlists the aid of her every gesture and body part in the service of selling her musical wares. Combine that with a voice that is both powerful and attractive and you get a performance that can thrill an audience.”
– Roy Sander, Bistro

“Bufford is an instance of big gifts coming in small packages. When she shops, she undoubtedly heads for the petite division, but when she sings, she goes for the big time. She recently was named second runner-up in the Room’s annual talent contest, but that underestimates her abilities. Watch her take any number of songs and turn them into unexpected emotional declarations. The blues rarely enjoy such a dynamic advocate.”
– David Finkle, The Village Voice

“Here’s a performer who’s focused, confident and bold…she’s powerful and polished. Some who are polished do shine. She’s one.”
– Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes

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